Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

I dig those new VCR's and DVD's. NOT!

The following is a public service announcement from Spacefem.

Last night I felt like drawing a lesser-known grammar rule to the attention of the slashdot community and was very unhappy with my response. Basically, when pluralizing an abbreviation, one should NOT add an apostrophe unless the abbreviation is intended in the possessive form. Example:

Incorrect: These PLC's are great.
Correct: These PLCs are great.
Correct: This PLC's lights are all green.

And I don't care what the popular convention is, that's the rule. The Chicago Manual of Style says it, the APA Publication Manual says it, the MLA handbook says it. These are the three most trusted style guides in, well, a big area I think, so since they agree on this let's try to agree also. Smart slashdotters in agreement also directed us towards another trusted source.

And I can't believe I got karma points for starting that whole debate, talk about off-topic. Slashdot is freaky weird sometimes.

Anyway I've been hyper-super sensitive about this rule lately because it seems to be really acceptable to violate it at my place of employment. The pain! And what's worse, I've had people be sure I was wrong in calling it out, so I'm thinking about bringing in all my writers' guides with the pages tabbed where they talk about how you shouldn't add gratuitous apostrophes. This would make me always right. It might also make people think I'm an obsessive bitch. It might also also make people think I should be writing more and engineering less. Not cool.
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