Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

what is it with california?

I got to talking to this guy today who's from California, and in less than ten minutes he managed to reenforce every stereotype about California I've ever had. Maybe there are Californians living happily in the midwest, but they don't talk about their heritage much, most of the ones I've run into are miserable and aren't shy about letting you know it. This is a rathole town, a boring state, the weather is awful, the people are morons, I wish I was back in California... blah blah blah. Personally, I just think it's very rude. You just shouldn't go any place and tell the people there that they're all stupid. He even joked about how he'd heard people talk about Californians and say "if you don't like it here, leave" and he was like, "And trust me, I think about it all the time! ha ha." This guy is an engineer, it's not like it'd take him a long time to save up and move the hell back to the west coast. It'd free up the job for another unemployed kansan who might appreciate it, for one thing, I almost said that but decided to keep my big mouth shut instead and just smile and nod. I was very diplomatic.

People from Texas are different, and want you to know they're different, but they aren't as cocky about it. They like talking about the differences and laughing at themselves and taking pride in where they grew up. They don't bash us. Maybe it's because we almost kinda live in the same region, I dunno.

I'm trying to think if I bashed Canada on our trip to toronto last spring. I probably did, if I did I regret it. Anyway, if I ever go back I'll be sure to not be like that, I can be a negative person in a joking way and sometimes cross the line with people who aren't the exact same way.

I could tell that my friend wasn't joking though, he was making it very clear that he was miserable. Great.

Kansas isn't perfect, I'll admit it. It does get messy in the winter. We have bad allergy seasons. There are a few racists/homophobes, although I'm pretty sure Missouri has more. We'll be republican forever. But there are good things, too. The cost of living is cheap. We're responsible. That phelps guy has liver cancer or something.

I guess the conclusion of the conversation was that no one has any right to tell other people they should be miserable because of who they are or where they live. It's okay to be happy, even if you live in a little town, or haven't found Jesus, or never bothered to try the expensive coffee. Spend time making miserable people happy, not the other way around.
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