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I went home this weekend and Mom made this cute little halloween present for me- a pumpkin with candy and stuff in it. There was a package of halloween oreo cookies too, how cute! So anyway, that's what I'm having for breakfast.

In other news, I've decided to re-design one of my websites - it's the one I did for my neighbor about a year ago, she pays me every month and totally deserves it, she's a sweetheart. But as with most things, I can't decide yet how I "feel" about it, so before I showed it to her I thought I'd ask you guys what you thought. The new colors are to match the new edition of the book she sells, I can't decide if it makes the whole site just look too dark.


(main page is all that's up)

Okay, comments are much appreciated.

In other other news, the Senior Design project is moving forward and we've found that we might be able to broadcast our signal for 1/2 mile if we amplify it to 25W at the transmitter stage (it's 900MHz). Problem is, the FCC doesn't seem to want people amplifying signals like that. I'm thinking hey, who cares, who's gonna know, right? Yeah! Down with government!

I didn't mean that.

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