Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

fun-filled saturday

So my alarm went off at 6:30 and I hit the snooze like I always do, then it went off again and I became more conscious like I always do, then I remembered it was saturday. nooo! go away, consciousness, the alarm was a mistake!

But it was too late. Crumbs. So I got out of bed. Damn.

I made some eggs and drank some coffee (mmm) and watched some TV. I was up before Mystery Science Theater 3000 came on on Sci Fi channel, that was a bit of a downer, but eventually it showed up.

I took apart my whole sewing machine and put it back together and it started working right again for no apparent reason. Well, okay! So I finished my skirt. And it's a nice skirt, if I say so myself! I had to do some alterations, the pattern I have is made for a curvy person, I decided. While I am a little curvy, I'm not what you'd call, well, curvy, so I changed stuff for that. The only thing bugging me is that the hem at the bottom just isn't laying right, it doesn't curve, it creases. Makes me think back to that "hem tape" stuff mom always had in her sewing box that I couldn't see a use for. hmmm. I think this hem might have to come out this week. Damn.

I'm tempted to bring my skirt in to the fabric store and being like, "WHO SEWS HERE? WHAT'S THIS DEAL?". Maybe they'd help me? I figure it's like web design, people e-mail me asking how to make web sites and I'm like, "heh, I don't help you like that for free, kid." but when someone has already started and has an example and just needs help with one thing, I'll give assistance, no problem.

Dave called and said he'd come see me. yay! I sat and did nothing, figured I'd have time to clean up after church, I just sewed and watched some really awful movies on TV.

Went to church and it was, like, turbo concert week or something! They always have a little worship period at the start, sing songs, it's happy, I like to sing songs more than anything, always had. But this time they did nothing but sing songs, they even had to sub out musicians, it went on for so long. They took the kids out halfway through, and the kids came back at the end with ribbons and balloons to run around and dance some more. Everybody was crazy, half the reason I like this church is that I get to see good guitarists and watch people dance in the front row, this time there were like twenty people dancing in the front row (by the end), it was quite a show. Then one of the lead musicians said that God had spoken to him during a chorus and said that we should all hug each other, so we all hugged each other, I hugged like six people. Then we sang more songs.

The whole thing started at 6:30 and lasted until almost 9:00. Crazy! Oh, and let me state for the record that Paul was soo not there! Yeah, Mr. God-Punishes-My-Sewing-Machine! I would have called him, but I didn't have my cell phone.

It was gratifying though, by the end my ears were ringing and I had no voice because I sang so much. I got my singing in for the week.

After church, I went straight to the liquor store to get some wine for Dave and me tomorrow, then Dave called and explained that his parents hadn't wanted him to drive down tonight, blah blah, I was cool with it. Actually, it was better this way, my apartment was still a really awful mess. Is still, sorry. Sewing is not a clean activity, you get papers and fabric and threads all over the place, it's really awful. Like hair cutting. I think.
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