Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

no skirt tonight

bloody hell, my sewing machine broke! I was doing the zipper (tricky!) on the back of my beautiful skirt when it suddenly just produced balls of thread, and that's all I can get it to do now. I'm not terribly upset, but it's a bit of a downer. Guess I'll check out one of those many sewing machine repair places around here.

Which brings me to a racist observation I'd like to make. How come 90% people who own their own repair shops are always from other countries? Maybe it's just a Kansas thing? I'm not saying it's bad (so I guess I'm not racist...) it's just odd that all the seamstresses I deal with are asian, all the computer shop guys are from eastern europe or the middle east, all the small-mechanical-motor-fix-it types are from the same areas? There's some crossover in the countries but they're all foreign. Why don't american-born types want to open their own shops? How do these people have the money to start a business after coming to a new country? I mean, if I packed up and moved to england or something right now, I'd be flat broke!

And the big question is, if you moved to america from another country, why the hell would you come to Kansas? Of all places... I guess that's really what's running through my mind.
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