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Well, today was a much better day. First, I learned how to make instrument panels! I figured out the cutouts and feedthroughs and everything all by myself and was very proud. Made some mistakes, but by and large made lots of progress too, so now all I need to do is add text and my first panel layout will be done. That is good. Yesterday was frustrating, but the itty-bitty breakthrough I had right there at the end lead way to lots of big breakthroughs today, making me believe in my ability to hold this job down once again.

In the afternoon I had a four hour system safety class, the entire department was required to go to one session or another and I'd heard grumbling all week so I was sure it was going to be torture. But it wasn't all so bad. I came armed with weapons against boredom, namely a pen and a pad of quad rule paper which makes doodling very fun. I sat in the front row so it'd be easier to pay attention. And the subject matter didn't end up being so painfully boring anyway, we got to draw pictures and make Failure Trees. Now that I type that out it sounds like a really evil thing (beware of the tree of failure! it'll suck out your self-esteem like nothing else) but actually they're just a fancy way to link events together and think of an airplane in functions instead of systems like we're used to. So that wasn't so bad. Everyone else in the class was complaining about how "I just don't get this SER-14C83 stuff, what are they talking about?" But I've been new for a month now, so I know better than to even try to get that. The big picture is what's important, you can look up the acronyms later if they're really bugging you. And they rarely bug me anymore, because I've learned a few big ones by just breathing the air at work, which makes me think I'll know them all eventually. All these veterens were freaked out when confronted with acronyms they didn't know, which cracked me up more than I can tell you.

On the way home, I went to the fabric store. I don't have much money, but sewing is the one thing that really makes me feel okay about the future of my clothing situation. That dress I made in August didn't turn out too great, but it wasn't too awful either. The skirt I made with it was quite nice, too. Both were made from really cheap fabric, that's the issue, so I bought some really nice wool to make a skirt. And a nice zipper, and lining... I spent $30, but if it all comes together okay I'll come out ahead. $30 is nothing for a wool skirt that's long enough for me.

Tonight I'll make a mexican dinner and maybe pop in a movie and start my sewing. I kinda wish I'd invited Dave down. Originally I told him not to come this weekend because I didn't have the new window regulator and he couldn't fix my car, but the thought came into my head today that Dave is good for things besides fixing my car. I know, crazy! I'd be nice to have company for my dinner tonight, it'd be nice to have a hug, it'd be nice to see him smile. But I'm the one who called the weekend for myself so I'll have to live with the consequences and just call him on the phone. sadness.
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