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trivial problems, skip this post please.

Okay, so I bought this suit at Casual Corner, which was stupid, but let's table that. The deal is, it was on sale, and it fit great, it's just the sleeves on the jacket needed let out an inch, that's no rare thing for people, yes? It was a perfect shade of blue, and I'd finally have another suit to wear to work so I can start kinda looking like the other women in my office.

I go to the tailor to pick it up and she explains that when she undid the sleeve, there wasn't fabric to let it out. They'd cut the corners off the insides where they tuck in behind the buttons and there wasn't anything she could do. Fuck! I know that casual corner is not the highest class store in the world. I also know that $90 is not the most expensive jacket. But you'd think they'd do something for it to be altered, how cheap and crappy is that?

So then I just walked out feeling like I'd been beaten up, the seamstress said she'd fix the sleeve back so I could return it and she was like, "This is size 8... you get size 10, be all better!" No, I won't be all better, I am NOT a size 10 dammit! It doesn't fit!

I went suit shopping with a boyfriend once, and it was assumed when he got the suit that special alterations would be done, they even did them right there in the store. This was like Famous Barr or something, not some expensive designer place, when men's suits are made, they're made to be altered. Dammit.

Why did I have to be fucking 6'1"? (there, I said it you curious fucktards, I know you were all wondering what the magic number of the freak was) Yeah, I know, there are people in this world who can't see, or walk, or think, I have no right to hate my body. But dammit, sometimes I get sick of being a damn weirdo that everybody makes fun of, I hate getting asked in malls how tall I am, I hate not being able to buy clothes like a normal person. And I hate that men can be tall and still buy a damn suit that fits, that's what I hate.

What if I bought a $300 jacket? Would we be able to lengthen the sleeves on that? That's what I'm really afraid of.

Oh, and I spent four hours today going through all these damn books to put a button on an instrument panel with this insane software we used. I told my boss how frustrated I was around 2 because I was about to snap and he was like, "Did you read these chapters?" and I was like, "um, I skimmed it, it didn't really have the information, I'll go back." and felt royally stupid. But a working procedure wouldn't be in those chapters either. Finally at 4:00 I asked the guy next to me he was like, "Oh, yeah I know the book says to do it like that, but we do it like this, see..." And I was mad for a million reasons. Because I don't want to ask questions, I want to learn it myself. And it's not my fault there's no damn documentation, and I end up looking like a moron because nobody ever learned from these stupid books, I just don't know how they learned, I feel confused all the time.

I feel like I got beat up today. Not physically. Just... by the world.
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