Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

she's so professional

Okay, so my closest boss (I have like 12, but this one is right above me instead of like eight steps, that's the point) was running around all day to meetings and stuff and I had this important question that everyone said only he could answer, so I finally catch him coming out of a meeting and I start my question while we're walking between cubicles, I've got this question practically scripted because I don't want to mess anything up or sound like I don't know what I'm talking about.

"Hey, you got a second? I know you said we needed to change the dash number on cable assemblies after 530, but the kit builder says it's supposed to come into effect at 512, and... OW!"

WHAM. I run into some damn hook thing that's sticking out. Practically brake it off, I stop a second to fix it then catch up and he's all like, "Are you okay?" and I assure him that I am and go on with my question but then stop because I notice he's cracking up laughing. Apologizing at the same time, but still laughing, hard, at me, and I start laughing too and then it's just all a lost cause, the whole question has to wait for like ten minutes later.

So not smooth.

Which brings this entry, as so many entries are brought, to a poll...

Do you generally try to act...

Smarter than you really are
Dumber than you really are
Exactly as smart as you are
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