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went home

Happy birthday to fire_hazzard! We threw a little birthday party for him last night so I went to KC. Tried to leave here around 2:00 but was late, so I got out at 3 and missed the first part or so. I had no idea what to get mikey for his birthday, I went shopping and had a list of ideas from his sister but felt so uninspired, so I got him a card and some money. Very sub-par. But we'll deal with that later.

The party was awesome, everybody was there. Logan brought his playstation foot pad thingies and Dance Dance Revolution, which I'd never played before, so it was kinda nuts. We watched him and haley play and they rocked the damn house, then I got up there with various people and didn't rock the house at all, I was horrible. It's a hell of a work out, I'll give it that. Good fun.

What else? There were card games played but I didn't really get involved. Instead I drank too much. Entirely too much. I've got to quit that, I'm too old and intelligent. JL and I engaged in more deep philosophical conversations, there's something about alcohol that makes people feel like that's a great idea or something.

I called Dave today and told him I got totally smashed and he was like, "What'd you do honey, have like three drinks?" And I was like, "Hey! I... well, yeah." Darn me for lightweightness!

We threw a party for Mike, for his birthday, at his house, and drank all his alcohol. I'm a disaster of a friend to have, I really am, Mike needs to admit this.

I passed out on the couch. Woke up at like six a.m. and there was much snoring around me, guys are so loud sometimes. Mike and Steve was on the floor, Lauren was on the other couch, I went into Mike's room and got in his bed next to Ashley. I found out later it wasn't ashley, it was Lauren's brother, oops. But I don't think he ever knew, and since I slept under the covers and he slept on top of them on the other side it totally doesn't count for anything. I was upset too, I totally thought I was sleeping with ashley, what a disapointment!

Woke up, went to my parent's house where they fed me. And I got my bike! yay! It's kinda ending bike season now, but at least it's here, I'm happy. On the way home I listened to the chiefs vs. jets game, it was really close but the chiefs pulled it off at the very, very end. Ate some beef jerky in the car and drank a lemonade. Felt very american. There's something wonderfully independent about driving on an open highway, I was happy. Seeing my friends was weird, for some reason with all of them there it felt like i'd never left. Like this month never happened, and I'm not really living in another town. But I guess I am. At one point, a bunch of us were outside and someone held up the backlit display on their cell phone so everyone else did the same and we bounced around with all the lights zooming and I felt weird about it, like, "I've known these people since I was 12. When did they all grow up and get cell phones?"

When did I grow up, period? That's the big issue here I guess.

We'll drink to that.
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