Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my little town

You know what's awful? Wichita local news. Nothing goes on in this town! They talk about the weather for twenty minutes, I kid you not. We see the weather forcast for the next week for the entire state of Kansas.

There is a good radio station though, it's like 92.3 or something? It's rock, but they play a lot of variety, lots of songs I just adore. Pittsburg had a rock station but they just played lame angry white boy music like eminem and linkin' park. Very few older songs, very few songs that weren't stupid.

What else can I say? The traffic isn't too awful, I guess. The roads are all okay, nicely gridded and laid out, until you get anywhere near a highway or the river, then they all turn to crap. Instead of going to overpasses and bridges, the roads here just end and you get totally lost.

I guess I need to go out more, maybe next time dave's in town I'll take him out to a club or something to get a feel for how nightlife works. Old Town is supposed to be a hell of a place, but I wouldn't know. I'm way to content to just hang out alone on Friday nights, doing my laundry and dusting my tables.
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