Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

how to see new places

So I'm working on this boring drawing revision today and I go to get a parts list released and the guy who does that is like, "AAAHHH! This airplane is flying Friday, you can't make changes! Get these to me... yesterday!"

And I'm like, okay.

So I go back and find out that we're on a time schedule, tell my coworkers this and they freak out too (I haven't worked here long enough to know when to freak out) and tell me I'd better go this other engineering building I've been to one whole time to get the previous signature sheet. Because I'm tired of asking everyone for help, I just ask what building it's in, then I take off thinking I've got a pretty okay idea of where the building is. Joke to them that if I'm not back in an hour, send a search party. Well I get lost. I walk to like the far end of our campus (I say that, it's like twice the size of my college campus though, uhg.) and get totally lost.

But if I keep walking with my head high, no one will know this.

Until it starts raining.

Oh great. I decide everything is going badly, I should really just head back to where I work, I think if I walk in one direction, I'll get there. I'm in the middle of nowhere (when you drive airplanes around a place, you make big expanses of concrete) when it starts pouring down rain. I just bought the cutest umbrella the other day, too, left it at my desk on this little expedition!

So I get back and I'm soaking wet and everybody is like, "So... did it start raining yet? ha ha!" and I'm like, "shut the hell up and feel sorry for me!"

And the worst part is, I have to admit that I got lost and never did get the papers I set out for. Crap! And there are no damn blow-dryer thingies in the restrooms, just paper towels. double crap! So I just sit and evaporate for like an hour. One of my dear cube-mates lended me his jacket, that was about the best thing that happened. Well, and I wore a black shirt, that was a nice thing to have going for me. At one point I thought of going home and changing, but other people were coming in wet and not going home, just taking it like men, so I decided to take it like a woman and be tough and dry naturally. Besides, I'd just get a new change of clothes wet anyway.

Someone else went to get my papers for me, they were kinda on the way there anyway.

I know it's okay to get lost when you're new, but damn! Does God have to punish me for it?

Everything else is going great, job-wise.
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