Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

broken car, pet thoughts

So I'm driving down the road yesterday with my windows down and the stereo (well, uh, "stereo") blaring because it's Friday and I hear this clunk, like someone threw something at my driver's side door. I look out and can't see anything. I get home and roll the window up and it won't roll up. mother fscker!

I had to duct tape some plastic peice in place last week because it was dragging on the ground. It wasn't a big deal, but it all adds up to give me this outstanding urge to go look at cars, even if I can't buy one yet, I just want to look.

Anyway, Dave came down this weekend so this morning I made us a big breakfast while he took off my door panel to investigate the situation. He says it needs a part that we can't even get in this town right now, all the dealerships would have to order it, and the one place that gave us a price said it was $200. For a roll-up window! Crap. We might try some junkyards later. Either way, this is frustrating, we're just going to prop the window up for now and deal.

In other news, I went to my friend Sarah's house last night, which is in the middle of nowhere or something, she had a party for some friends. Met some cool people, she was all concerned that it was like the worst party ever but she hasn't been to that many so she didn't know. It was actually pretty cool. We left a bit early, but there were nice people there, I'll have to visit her more often. Her sister-in-law was there with her puppy and it was so unbelievably cute. The puppy's like seven weeks old, she chews on stuff and wags her tail when she sees people and cuddles and everything, it made me want a puppy like I can't tell you. But I know I can't have one, because I live in an apartment, and it's not nice to lock a puppy up in an apartment all day. I kept trying to rationalize it in my head, but inside I know it's wrong, even though other people do it. sigh.

It'd be interesting to have a cat, but I'd have to buy a special cat house, and only do it when I'm old and my mother has left this world, because she'd never forgive me. I'd have to get a house with all wood floors, then buy all leather furniture, and not have drapes, then I'd have to research cats that don't affect allergies quite as much. Then I'd never pet the cat. I could maybe live like that. Sometimes I feel bad because Dave loves cats and knows he can never have one if we ever decided to move in together. Anyway, I once had a boyfriend whose parents had a cat and I could stay in their house, it was a lot of wood and leather and his mom kept the place really clean. That's the only reason why I feel like I could someday do it. I like cats, I wish they didn't make me so sick.

Anyway, for now I can party with my birds, I came home yesterday and turned the music up and they chirped along and got excited with me because it was friday. They're fun, sometimes.
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