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I think I've realized something. When I was bored as hell last summer, and my supervisor had nothing for me to do ever, I should have asked what meetings he had that day and then asked to go with him. Because even thought meetings are boring, the day goes by really super fast when you actually get out of the cube and change rooms, I can't explain it, that's just how it is. I've heard teachers complain to no end about meetings, and it makes sense to them because it cuts into their planning time or home time or something. But my hours are all at work, and I work from 8 to 5 everyday, no matter how many meetings take up that 8 to 5 time. Then I go home and sit and do nothing! So that's my advice for bored interns everywhere... go to meetings.

Whoever said the real world was stressful must have had a different real world than this. Well, I think they had kids. That would make it tough, if I came home and had to deal with little demons running laps in my kitchen. But as it is, things are not stressful at all, I was way more stressed in college because there was never an end time for anything. Work ends, and stays at work, for me and almost everyone I work with here. College never stayed in class. It took up free time, and weekends, and vacations... even sleep time. I know it's not like that for everyone, but it certainly was for my degree.

In other news, I actually used my brain for something today, I got some instructions for a drawing modification and the instructions weren't right, so I did the modification in a way that made it legit. Then I showed it to another guy and he was like, "Yeah, that's the right way. How many more have you got to do? It'd be nice to get these by tomorrow." And that was it! I actually completed a thought, did something a monkey couldn't do, and no one had any idea how big a deal that was for me.

I also helped some guys with tab leader formatting in Microsoft Word. That was weird. To actually help someone. It almost threw me off balance.

I'm really trying to estimate a timeline for myself, to figure out when I'll wake up and go to work and think, "I know this stuff." It'd be nice to answer more questions then I ask, one day, maybe. It'd be nice to go a whole day without feeling totally clueless about most aspects of things. Oh well. At least this way things are interesting, there's always something new for me, I'm very happy. I learned a ton my first year as an RA, but at least after a month or so, I could fake it. Retail jobs were fairly simple, I was never a manager or anything, after two or three weeks I knew the store layouts and register routines well enough to fit in smoothly. So it's weird to have a job that I'm going to be "the new hire" at for the next year or two. That's what they call me, it's nuts... I hear "Have you met the new hire?" and "We'll have the new hire do it." all day.

Oh well, I'm not complaining, I'm just... thinking. And cooking. It's macaroni and cheese night, yay!
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