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Alright, I got another idea for, not that it's going to launch anytime before I'm 30, but it's the notion of it. Spacefem's Electronic Device Of The Week! Every week, I'll pick another electrical device, component, or concept and explain how it works. I think it'll be fun because gets two main types of visitors: computer geeks and women. Both groups could benefit a lot from some knowledge of electronic devices. </p>

There was this time (I'll never forget this!) last year when Dave (aka pres589) needed help for some class he was taking, they were doing binary/octal/hex/etc. arithmetic. So I tell him to come over and we have a ball - I love it - truth tables, conversions, math, all that. I was so happy! But he wasn't really fast at it, so finally I was like, "Here, you can borrow my calculator for the test, if you type in this and this it just converts to the different bases for you." Then he gets all mad, like, "Why didn't you show me that before? Jesus, this stuff was taking forever!" then I explained to him that he wouldn't be able to grasp the poetic beauty of straying from the base 10 number system unless I took him through that. I explained how wonderful I thought it all was, how fun logic statements were, how glorious the world of 0's and 1's could be. He looks at me like I was on fire, no appreciation there, he just took the calculator and went on his way. No passion! No appreciation!

What's he into, cars? Cars are so big and noisy, I'll never get that.

So anyway, if takes time every week to explain how this stuff works, maybe other people will appreciate what goes on in the world around them. I think I'll start with everybody's favorite formula, P=IV, then move to everybody's most useful formula, V=IR, then move into the hardware stuff: resistors, transistors, diodes, capacitors, logic gates, etc. Then I can talk about concepts like Kirchoff's Law and Karnaugh mapping and superheterodyne recievers. Oh, the world is a beautiful electrical place, everyone will love what I'm doing for them, educating the needy populace in unforseen ways! Passion! Appreciation! Glory!


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