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Someone wrote this in my guestbook:
detta va en fräään sida, fast du kan väl göra litte mer

I was like, "hey thanks, you too!"

It's tough being a dumb american.

Speaking of being an american, I got a paycheck from that job thing! Yay! My net worth quadrupled this weekend, I couldn't be more thrilled. I thought it was funny that in one paycheck, I gave the government the equivalent of my month's rent. That's a shload of money, especially for little me. At first the libertarian side of me kicked in and I was like, "dammit, feds, I'm poor, can't you see that? I'm in debt! I need clothes!" But the more I thought about it, the more okay I really was. I mean, when I think of things, the only reason I have this job is because I recieved a public education, all the way up through my college degree. And it turned out to be a good one. I admit that I had unusually good math teachers in high school, when I went to college I learned that not everyone from every part of the state was so lucky, but at least we all had something. And now I have roads to drive on, an apartment that hasn't been broken into, all that. I might just become a state-level liberal soon, we'll have to see.

The verdict is still out on the federal government, I guess it's nice to know that there's a huge ass military protecting me, but I can't really think of anything else they do that's productive. I keep thinking about that guy I heard interviewed on the radio, the one who's trying to get marijuana legalized in nevada, and how he's afraid that no matter how the people vote (most are in favor, right now), the feds will come in with their bazillion dollar advertising campaigns and threats towards state government officials and restore the old laws. He had some really good arguments for legalizing pot. I've never smoked it, probably never will, but he's right about a lot of stuff. You don't see gang members in front of high schools trying to sell six-packs of beer to kids. Why? Because no one feels like selling illegal beer. When I was in high school, I knew at least six people I could get pot from, I didn't know anyone who could get beer with that degree of certainty. The federal government is really the only driving force behind keeping pot illegal here, and they're a very strong force, they're spending millions to try to convince people how wrong it is, and I honestly haven't met very many people who agree with them. But maybe one of you do. That's okay.

And the feds make sure we can't do stem cell research. I don't know much about that, I'm not a biologist, but it seems kind of scientifically illogical.

And they take money from me for social security that won't be there for me ever. That's really comforting. Not.

So I'm going to be a... federal libertarian? I don't even know. All I know is I wish the state had more of that chunk that came out this month, I'd feel okay about that, I benefit like crazy from what Kansas has done but feel like washington is totally pointless.
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