the friday five: television

From thefridayfive ...

1. What is the first TV show you remember watching?

Sesame street! In fact my sister once bought me a coffee table book about sesame street and it made my brain feel really weird, because I saw photos in there that were present in such early memories I wasn't used to hitting those parts of my brain, like my tiny kid horror at the weird cartoon about an alligator king breaking his teeth, and my confusion over whether mr. snuffleupagus was imaginary or not.

2. What is the first “grown up” TV show you watched?

We all watched the cosby show together so much. I don't think my kids will ever understand just how big a part of our lives that show was in the 80s, and how many grieving steps we had to go through to get to the righteous anger we should have when we found out what a monster bill cosby was. As much as I don't want to talk about it, there is no other TV show I can put in place to answer this question.

3. What is the first TV show you watched from the start to finish when it aired live (i.e., not via reruns)?

I don't really know but ALF was a show that we watched through to the end, and the ending was a weird cliffhanger that made us mad when it got cancelled!

4. What is the oldest TV show you’ve watched?

My favorite old shows are Twilight Zone and the original Star Trek. I will also say that I could watch more I Love Lucy, that show is from the 50s but absolutely brilliant. I was on a kick years ago watching That Girl from the 60s too. 

5. What is one TV show you will stop and watch if you come across it on TV, even though you've seen every episode at least 20 times?

In my house we have Scrubs on repeat. Even if we binge another sitcom, like last year we watched all of Frasier, we'll still take a break for Scrubs or re-watch episodes in between. 

Nobody "comes across" anything on TV though, right? Unless it comes up on our streaming homepage? I cannot remember the last time we put the TV input to antenna. 


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