Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

furnished apartment, air show

Many, many things happened this weekend. But let's just talk about what's happy, shall we?

I got furniture! Yes, these guys came yesterday and hauled a couch, chair, and big brown box up my stairs. Then they took parts out of the box and put three tables together. The room suddenly feels crowded, the chair especially looks about three times as big as it did in the showroom. Dave and I can both sit in it! But I'm so glad to have things look like someone lives here, it's a real home, the atmospheric change is remarkable. My plan is to clean things up and take lots of pictures, so soon you can all take a "virtual tour" of spacefem's planet.

Second, Dave is in town. I was very happy to see him, we debated whether or not he should come this weekend but in the end I just didn't care how much time I had or what everyone else felt like, I just missed him, so down he drove. Today I dragged him off to the big air show at mcconnel air force base, it was fun! We walked around and looked at planes, watched stuff fly around. They had an F15 Eagle when we first got there. Some older planes flew, some guys jumped out of airplanes with parachutes, all that, then the navy blue angels did all their tricks. All in all it was exciting, and loud, and impressive. I'm starting to like planes. Well, wanting to like planes, for a couple reasons, but I'm sinking into it, you know?

We went to leave after the show was over but ended up in a massive crowd of people; the gates were locked and military guys were stationed at exits to keep us all in. They said there was "a situation in the parking lot" but we couldn't get information, all we knew was that 40,000 people were trapped in a barb-wire border of doom. Kinda scary. People don't like that feeling. Then they finally let us out after about 20 minutes, but the parking lot (okay, field) was a mess and the guys they had directing traffic were idiots. I talked to one guy who sat 50 feet from the exit for 35 minutes. People would just form their own random lines, pass everybody up, and the guys would let them go instead of rewarding people who waited in the lines, so then everybody just tried to merge into one heap at the exit. It was awful, the show ended at 3:30 and we got on the road af 5:00. We just sat in the car until we got tired, then one of us would walk around to see how things are going, then come back to find the car in the same place. uhg.

And after all that time in the grass, both our allergies were acting up. My mouth and eyes still feel itchy. ewe. dave looks cute with a sunburn though :)

Anyway, we came back, took showers, and went out to dinner with dave's aunt. Went to this cajian place, it was really wonderful.

Got work tomorrow. I had a really good day, you know? Got my mind off some things, got to have fun and be outside. Today was the most beautiful day you could possibly imagine, yesterday was rainy and crappy but today it was like 76°, sunny, literally not a cloud in the sky, just a big bright expanse of perfect blue above and all around us. The airplanes were beautiful. I'll sleep very, very well tonight.
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