Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

My Dream Job

Damn, my friends' page is crazy today! What'd you all take yesterday? Settle down! It's not that I have more friends or a lot of friends to start with, it's just that everybody seemed to post like five times, I can't keep up, I have friend guilt... </p>

Alright, on to today's subject...

I've been asked to think about my Ideal Job a lot lately, usually I come up with, "Uh, I do nothing? Shit!" which garantees I'll be unhappy in life. But the thing is, I'm happy now, so I know it's possible. Read on for dream sequence:

I work for a fairly small company (<20 employees, 8 would be fantastic) that I helped found. I have several jobs: for one, I do all the technical documentation on whatever it is we make. We make some brilliant little electrical product. It requires programmers, technicians, IT folks, etc. I helped invent the product, maybe it's some sort of transmission system, I've got ideas but to avoid saying anything lame I'll stay quiet. We're fairly successful; we all work a lot of hours at odd times but enjoy what we do. We make fun of whoever does the accounting. We wear khakis and t-shirts to work. We also do contract work developing products for other big huge companies in the area. Everyone is brilliant, everyone is happy, everyone owns a nerf gun. The whole company runs on Linux, even the desktops. We make modest corporate donations to area schools and womens' shelters. We hire interns in the summer.

Anybody want to work with me on this? We'll start our own company, c'mon, it'll be awesome!


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