Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

do you have this in a weirder size?

You know what's weird? This: you're wandering around a department store looking for nice outfits to wear to work, walking innocently along, looking down, feeling the fabrics, looking at price tags, all that. Then you casually look up, for no aparent reason, and see that everyone around you is looking at you all funny, and they're all like 5'2". Yes, you didn't know it, but you've wandered into... the petites section!!!


Drop everything and run! You never know what they'll do to you in large groups like that!

Um, so you have that from Spacefem's Journal tonight. My credit card came in the mail, finally, so I went out and checked out the sales I'd had my eye on. Went to Target to get a TV stand I wanted. It was $20 off, I know I need to reduce spending, but the interest I'd pay if I waited two months wouldn't equal what I'd save by buying it now, does that make sense? And I bought a skirt at JC Penny. It was on sale and I had a coupon.

I really only have like six outfits for work, four of which I like, I've just realized that. It might take a while for this to change a whole lot. In the meantime, I don't think anyone will notice, they're all guys. Most of the other women I see wear suit sets all the time. For real! I can't afford suit sets now. Hell, I can't even buy them, there's only one catalog I know of that sells them in "freak girl" sizes. What's a girl to do? Nice skirts with tailored looking blouses, that's what she'll do.

And you know, considering how often I have to wear safety glasses, looking sexy is really a big damn waste of time.
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