Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

softball ends

well the big company softball tournament is this weekend and my team lost in the first round. I'm more sad than I should be!

it was customer service vs. the facilities planning group. our next game would have been against 2x former champion process engineers so I didn't think we'd go all the way or anything, but I thought we'd make it one game! it was really close, we lost 16-17. we started out with 6 runs in the first inning! our coach said the biggest deal out there would be defense though, other teams were just making error after error. well so did we. I was playing right field. The ball came to me twice... once in the air, so I was darn close but pretty much knew I'd miss that one because I am terrible at outfield catching. but once it was a fast ground ball and I have no idea how it brushed my glove without actually going in it or stopping.

I was up to bat three times. I did manage to hit the ball each time! the first time I got a hit and eventually a run. the second and third time I didn't hit it very far and got out at first.

oh well. don't quit my day job.

the part I enjoy about softball is the beginning of every practice we play catch to warm up for like 30 minutes. playing catch is so relaxing. everything else is downhill. the guys say they're going to make a fall league and keep hanging out... I'll think about it.

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