Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

our normal week

I haven't been doing quite as many lj entries because we're back to school year craziness with STUFF every night! It goes like this:

monday - josie's girl scout troop. she's 11 and they're down to like four or five girls? but they love each other. I drop her off, and they all run together and hug and laugh and say "I haven't seen you in THREE HOURS!". After girl scouts they play on the playground by their meeting place so I pick her up late every night because I know she won't want to leave.

tuesday - I have softball practice. I wore my princess elsa tank top to the last one, joking that if a ball comes my way I will just let it go.

wednesday - olive is in karate. she has yet to show us any moves or tell us about it. it's at a place flooded with a million kids. every week she gets a ribbon, and a homework assignment about helping your family. wash dishes, take out trash, keep your room clean.

thursday - nothing. we finally have a family dinner at home.

friday - marc's been DJing again so he's usually got something to run off to, friday or saturday or both.

in between, I've been teaching olive to ride her bike. we go at least once a week. she is finally getting on a bicycle! I'm amazed, she hard refused for so long after we took the training wheels off. so we go to the park 1/2 mile away. she alternates between just pushing with her toes, and using the pedals while I hold her up. I can't let go for very long. she's getting better though.

I have yet to get back to the makerspace, but it'll happen. I have yet to get back to most of my groups and activities I did pre-pandemic... we are somehow doing enough.

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