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fighting the battles

You know what I've decided gets to me? It's been getting to me for months, I just never really had the chance to vocalize it until just now, because it's all suddenly clear.

Online anger.

Anger towards what someone writes, or a picture they made, or a website they launched. I get angry e-mail about my site all too often. It's because someone thinks the militant feminist quiz is really encouraging man-killing. It's because someone didn't get "genius" on my intelligence test, and they're obviously a genius.

And you know what? I just don't get it. My site is stupid. Why would anyone take that much time to write something so harsh? I just type up my usual reply back telling them to relax, my site is a joke, most people think it's funny, some don't and that's okay, if you don't, then don't go to the site.

I don't think I'm like that. I have gotten angry online before, yes, but it's always been about a situation that happened in real-life, with people I interact with. Not some doofus four states away.

I see stuff that makes me angry. But I don't think writing angry e-mail, or making an angry post, will solve the problem. I figure, if someone says something so wrong to make me mad, they're not worth my time. If I think they're so stupid, or bitchy, or worthless, that their opinion is 100% wrong, I go away. They are not worthy to get an e-mail from me.

She-net gets angry sometimes, you know? I've read some threads that just got downright mean. I think most of them are about George W. Bush. Politics are not worth my anger either, so I stay out.

Livejournal is all about different opinions. Can't that be okay? Can we just please not get mad at each other? Is that so hard? If people think my opinion proves that I'm moronic white trash, why do they read my journal? Why can't they just take me off their list, like the four people did yesterday?

I guess when I think about it, I did call someone an asshole once. That probably wasn't nice, even when I wrote it I meant it lightly, but it didn't come out lightly, it came out mean. And I shouldn't have done that. I had a lot of support from all of you (well, probably 90% of you), but that didn't mean anything. I should have curbed my words and calmed the situation down.

Online communication is just... not worth getting excited about.
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