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Kamala Harris book

I was so impressed with Kamala Harris during the debates, and so excited when she was sworn in as vice president! I recently finished her book "The Truths We Hold: An American Journey". It was okay. It really read like a civics lesson, or book of political speeches, not quite what I expected. I learned some things, sure... administrative details about how the supreme court allowed same sex marriage, abuses against immigrants in detention centers, but I didn't learn much about Kamala Harris.

Every chapter follows the same formula. quick personal story, ties to a big issue, case study, inspiring conclusion. Speech. Like...

1) When I was a kid I remember when my mom finally saved up enough money for us to BUY our own house and stop renting! We loved that house, we were so proud!
2) And that's why the housing crisis was so devastating to me, when # million Americans lost their homes.
3) Like Joe and Marge Smith from Bakersfield California. Joe is a hard working teacher and Marge raises guinea pigs and they lost their house.
4) That's why houses, dammit!

It's not a chronological memoir, it is literally organized by issue.

So if you like politics you will like this book. But I pretty much know where I stand on all the issues and felt exhausted by all the examples. I'm proud that Kamala Harris sounds like a very smart very hard worker.
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