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Santa Fe Lake

Santa Fe Lake

Santa Fe Lake

"How would the kids feel if you changed things? It honestly sounds idyllic, particularly for them." - imogen_blue on an entry about our family work life balance

ever since then the word "idyllic" plays a lot in my head. word of the year for 2021. I look around at everything we do, even if it's marc and olive playing minecraft together, josie and I walking the dog, visiting friends at a birthday party, and think "idyllic". it's a good, simple, middle of America life we have. Lots of bad things are happening in the world. Lots of people with no place to go, despite all their best efforts. We are healthy and fed and even better, entertained. How?

Last weekend we asked some friends what they had going on and they said they were going to santa fe lake for the day. I'd never been there. It's about a 20-30 minute drive. The park is $10 per car for a day pass. It is a Kansas lake. It's muddy, you can only see down about 6" before your hand disappears. You walk on some sand, then sharp rocks, then a very squishy silty lake bottom that you sink into uncomfortably. But who cares? We had floaties and a cooler of sandwiches and snacks and that is where we spent Sunday. Our friends had kayaks so we took turns kayaking around but mostly just laying around. Olive likes to spread out a towel on the sand and lay in the sun after I spray her down with our last remaining aerosol sunscreen that wasn't recalled this year - we returned the benzene stuff for a full refund. Josie and I practice spiking a playground ball around.

I'm surprised I've never been to santa fe lake after all these years, because we love camping and swimming in lakes, and here's this close one. there was room on the beach and you can bring dogs. judy would like it. we set up marc's shade tent and camping chairs and I read a little bit and at one point napped. eventually the water got too deep for the kids to touch the bottom, but that was pretty far off. I found the spot but they weren't going out that far. no scary drop offs.

we played out there until we felt some rain sprinkles. the forecast said we'd get rained on but we really didn't, probably didn't have to leave, but it was late enough we got home. marc baked a meatloaf and everybody got a nice shower and that was our sunday.

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