Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

seeing the light

Ah, saturday! I feel sorta relaxed, in that it's the weekend, and I got a lot done today. I cleaned a lot. I went shopping in the morning, I had a coupon at bed bath & beyond for 20% off any item. Yes, I'm trying to cut down spending, but my room is also dark, and the batteries in my push light went out this week, so I decided that "light" could go in the need catagory instead of the want catagory, it was lamp shopping time and BB&B was one of the few places I hadn't been.

Guess what they had? A box o' lamps for $100! A floor lamp, two good sized table lamps, a little accent lamp, all nice looking brushed steel with pretty white lampshades, I was so excited! And it was only $80 for me, because of the coupon, so I got like $20 per lamp, which is a fantastic deal compared to what I'd thought of spending, and I got entertainment for the afternoon because I had to unpackage and assemble all those lamps.

I was so excited I went to wal-mart to buy light bulbs, and I bought those GE "renew" bulbs that are supposed to make life happier or something? Anyway, my lamps could use three-way bulbs but I don't really see the use in those (just puts extra space in the turnon-turnoff process) so I just got 100W ones, and let me tell you, just having one of the lamps in my room with a 100W bulb makes a huge difference. Having two in the living room just lights the whole place! I was so happy, I just lampified my whole apartment in one fell swoop. I can see now! It's beautiful.

While at wal-mart, I bought some more shelves, shower gel, and one of those insulated lunch bag thingies. It was only $1 and it says "USA" on it in a big annoying design, so hey, go me.

I went to the grocery and got stuff to make some enchilladas. Black bean ones. I just melted cream cheese in the black beans and used that exciting mixture to fill corn tortillas, then I covered the whole dish with salsa and cheddar/monteray jack cheese and warmed at 350° for 15 minutes. Came out quite well! Fed me for lunch and dinner. I made a salad, too.

Lately I've become obsessed with salad. I eat it every day at work for lunch, and I think I had it for dinner three times last week. Only red leaf romain lettuce. Bleu cheese dressing. Croutons. I'm a nut for it, it's getting a bit out of hand but it's good for me so I don't think about it.

At night, I went to church, following up on the invitation by glutealdivide. It was the Vineyard church, I'd have to say it was entertaining. I'm reluctant about those contemporary church services, they're just so different than what I was raised on, but hey, whatever works. The guy in charge preached a brief sermon about how we shouldn't let ourselves be controlled by materialism. Oops.

Anyway, I stood up and introduced myself during testimony time and everyone seemed to like me okay, they were friendly. Afterwards Paul and I sat and chatted for a long time about live and stuff, he seemed kinda weirded out by the fact that I was on the internet but I was there actually meeting him, like it was a new idea that there was a girl behind the spacefem. I guess I can see that. When I meet internet people, I kind of tend to seperate them from their online identities, like they're different people. I go on picturing the person I always did, this is just a new friend from out of the blue or something. It's funny, knowing a person so well without really knowing them in real life. You have to work between parallels.

I met some other people who work for the same company I do to, that was cool.

Then I came home and called Dave, it was nice to talk to him. We miss each other. I changed clothes and turned on my lamps and here I am.

My foot hurts, I stepped on some sharp thing in my kitchen today, it looked like a thorn or something, anyway it went in a bit deep into my heal. Not tetnis-shot deep or anything like that, just deep enough to bleed like crazy. I medicated things and bandaged, but it's annoying, I've got random stuff on my floor. I don't want to live in a pro-shoe wearing environment, that really gets me down.
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