Targeted Ads

Not my next read. Sorry Marie.
Not my next read. Sorry Marie.

This year Apple introduced a feature in the iPhone OS so we can turn off tracking across apps, preventing them from spying on us and stealing our souls to sell, etc.

It makes me think of my kindle. Well, marc's kindle. It's ancient! I don't know what year this thing is but it's not a kindle pro or fire or extreme or whatever... but it's working and I really like it so I read on it all the time now. I get library books on it. Log in to my library's libby app on my phone, check out a book, and tell it I'll read on my kindle. It opens an amazon login to prove it's there. Then over on the kindle, as long as there's wifi available for it my new book appears. 

Amazon is not spying on my reading material even a little bit. Maybe it can't? That's good. How do I know it's not spying on me? Because when the Kindle is off, it advertises books to me that look TERRIBLE and totally not what I read! I'm reading memoirs, non-fiction, sometimes historical fiction, business books, investing, finance, science... and what does it show me?

Hot summer romance! Or, rarely, hot winter romance! All the single ladies, all unprepared for the MENZ they're going to meet.

If that's your book genre I won't judge, I'm happy when anyone in the world reads anything. I have read romance novels because I like to know what people are reading. But they're not for me. 

So maybe this is a plot by amazon to convince me to support targeted ads, in the general overall world? There have been several iphone apps that asked me CAN I TRACK YOU AND SEE INTO YOUR HOUSE. and I happen to be near my kindle, off in idle mode, showing me a full-screen ad for "The Cowboy's Woman" or whatever. I look back at my phone, and tell the app "you know what? SURE." 


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