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It's friday night and I have... no friends in this or any surrounding zip code. Crumbs.

Does this get me down? I can't decide. I've got lots to do here, I can listen to music, play my guitar, play playstation II, rent a movie, all that. It just feels weird, because I'm used to, well, college. Or overland park.

Mikey tried really hard to get me to come home this weekend, but I didn't want to for some reason. This is my home now. I want to adjust to being here, settle in, say I made it over a week.

Besides, I've been invited to three different churches. Yeah, I know. You wonder why Kansans are so religious? Because apparently when you get away from the edge of the state, there's NOTHING to do but go to CHURCH. You can go to church by yourself, do what you want, be cool... you can't go to a bar by yourself. Well, I could, but it might feel weird. I don't think I'll do that this week. But I will go to church. Maybe several times.

I got an e-mail from someone finally asking why I'm a Christian. I should type it up, especially since I've got that open invitation on my bio telling everyone I take requests.

Something tells me Mike would be okay going to a bar alone, if he were in my situation, 180 miles from any friends. He'd get right on finding new ones. On second thought, no, he would have gone home, because mike will drive 180 miles for friendship.

So I've got this conflict, because by nature I'm anti-social and introverted, yet a group of people has spent the entire summer trying to get me to not be like this, so when I'm finally in a place where it's very easy to do my thing it feels unnatural. Crumblies! Hermithood just can't come easy!

Speaking of hermithood, I've taken to escaping during my lunch hour already. Yeah, sometimes people eat together, I just can't, for a couple reasons. First, it's cold as hell in our office, it feels so good to go outside. It was like 85° today, I ate out on the benches, it felt great. And I watched the airplanes. There's something very cool about eating a salad 40 feet from a $13 million corporate jet waiting for its turn at the service center. I listen to the techs cussing and pause to study everything flying overhead. It's amazingly cool.
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