Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

life as real

I found out today that I'm not allowed to talk to anybody about what I do at work. It's not like, top secret "tell you but I'd have to kill you stuff" but the general public isn't supposed to know that this project is going on. It's a funny change from this time last year, when I was doing my senior design project and posting the freaking schematics here for everyone to see. Kinda made me laugh.

If there's on thing I've gained in the last two days though, it's a much better understanding of exactly what an avionics engineer does. Let's face it, when I took the job, all I knew was that it had something to do with the cockpit. But I'm spending this week learning about all the systems and talking to people and sitting in on meetings, so in case any of you were wondering, here's the gist of what I do...

There are two kinds of electronics types in the engineering world. There are electrical engineers, who really get down and dirty with board level stuff, and there are systems engineers, who just put big pieces together. I'm a systems engineer. I put together avionics systems.

That heading has a lot of subcatagories, and I'm not familiar with all of them by any stretch of the imagination. The big ones we deal with are communication and navigation systems. We also deal with weather and interior and stuff like that, but that's not as important.

From what I can tell, we look at part numbers all day long. And then we find glaring errors in drawings, like single strand wire where twisted pair wire should have been used. Then we go to meetings about safety, even though we don't work on the floor, we still have to eat, sleep, and breathe safety because the big people don't seem to understand the fact that job hazards of engineering are fewer than those at other jobs in the company.

For now, I really can't decide if I like my job or if I just like working. Either way, I hope I can keep it for a long time. I have so much to learn, I read and studied all day and got nowhere in the world of stuff I need to know. I really envy the guys I work with, they're experts, they all know something special, like lightning detection or VHF comm systems. They sound smart. I want nothing more than to feel like I know everything about, well, anything. So I'm determined. I've been studying hard, I don't plan to stop, I have a lot to do and every part of me wants to get it all done now.

In other news, I cleaned the boxes out of my apartment. ahh! then I found the advertisement that had my couch in it, I cut out the picture and set it on the floor where my couch will be on the 16th. yay couch!

then I ate another salad for dinner. You know what? I have totally lost my appetite in the last couple days. I'm just not hungry enough for anything, I've got a lot of food in my refrigerator too, not sure what to do on that one. hrm.
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