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Yesterday I ran the Wichita River Run! It's probably the biggest 10K in the city, and I'd started running in 2020 with a thought of maybe doing it before everything just shut down. But that's alright, gave me another year to train. I have now run lots of 10K workouts so I wasn't concerned about the distance at all, and it was REALLY fun!

Normally when I work out I will run a 5K "fast" for me, around 32-33 minutes, but if I'm running longer I am pretty relaxed and it takes me 70-80 minutes to run a 10K, so that's what I figured I'd do. But with all the people around and the weather being beautiful and the fact that I was wearing a wichita flag dress, I took off way faster and ran it around 1:05!

6:21 <- that is a 30:18 5K for me. that's nuts.
7:17 <- my right knee sometimes "gets the 40s". I had to stop and stretch.
7:22 <- slow as hell. dying. walked twice. but picked it up at the finish!

As usual, I was passed by all KINDS of people. I like keeping track of these on big event races. On a decent size race the diversity of people passing you is just fascinating. We should really make a bingo game. This was no exception. I was passed by:

- a small woman who looked to be at least 100 years old
- a small child who looked no older than 7
- a woman who had to be at least 8 months pregnant
- a dude eating jelly beans

Oh and Tonya Nero, who won the women's division... that was a cool thing about the "waves", rather than all start at once, everybody had a 5 minute time slot. So there were always fast people who started later than you, catching up. And there were slow people, who started ahead of you, that you could pass. So I was jogging along and practically felt the breeze from this woman running at an absurd speed, and I looked at the other woman calmly jogging to the right of me and said "guess she ate her wheaties" and we just laughed. I have never run a 6 minute mile, but I guess some people can run six of them in a row.

Marc went to cheer me on! He said he had a great time, hung out at the finish line with the other partner supporters and made friends. He said there were couples who ran the race and finished holding hands together. That will not be us, for many reasons.

I know I wrote earlier that I might run a half marathon, but I also remembered a previous new years resolution I had to run a 10K in under an hour. That seems like it'd be a good thing to focus on first. Know what that pace feels like? It's great to know I can run so much faster just with a motivating crowd around me, so I'll have to keep entering stuff like this. The finish line is at the end of a bridge, and I found the energy to just sprint that in, it felt awesome. I would do it again.
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