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May spending report

Last month I did a full report on all my spending to help with accountability and just document how things were going. This month I ran the numbers again, but I'm just going to talk about what changed.

I am happy to say restaurants went down. $321 in May instead of $455 from April. I talked to Marc about it, he spaced out fast food a little more.

Groceries also went down. This month: $1142, last month $1320. Our goal for all food is $1112 so we were really close. It might actually be because we were so busy working on the backyard project, we didn't have time to stop and eat some nights, then it becomes a cheap scrounge for what's left or quick salads and we're done.

Which leads me to the backyard project... I am happy to say it's done, we love it, but like everything, we underestimated the costs. We ordered a pallet of flagstones thinking it'd cover a whole area, and it covered a 1/3 of it. More orders. Everything is bigger than you think. We also stained the back deck, got a second coat on the front deck, I know I bought some plants. Total costs of all home improvement: $1640 in May, $911 in April. I cannot wait for a June spending report where I say we didn't spend a damn thing. But who knows.

Shopping: This month, $418. Last month $408. Maybe that's just what we spend? Largest expenses: Marc got his hair dyed bright red, and I registered for a 10K race, and we went to academy sports one night because josie's bike helmet didn't fit her and bought her a new one and I got a sport bra.

Alcohol: This month $208, last month $90, let's not address that one in this entry.

Bills & Utilities $920 (including cell phone/internet)
Charity $485
Gas $212 (almost exactly the same as last month
Pet food $105
Gym membership $46
Web hosting $42
Streaming services $36 - oh, that one is down $6 because I downgraded our Netflix quality, and nobody noticed! Worth it!

Next month: I know we have some repairs to do on Marc's car. Again. Not buying a replacement with prices these days, nope, but need to figure out what's wrong with that rear bearing before our big road trip.

My new monthly spending goal is $3300 total, which is the Lean FIRE, responsible spending, retire on an even $1M, $40K annual expenses rate. I have been tracking my monthly spending for 42 months now, and I have made it under that $3300 exactly seven times. But not this month, this month we spent $5600.


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May. 27th, 2021 03:20 pm (UTC)
Good on you for keeping track of all this!
May. 27th, 2021 06:09 pm (UTC)
"I know I bought some plants."

Perennials, shrubs, foundation plantings, one hopes. They're a lot pricier than annuals, but once they're in the ground, you're done and don't have to repeat that expenditure.
Buy once, plant once, and after that it's just maintenance.
Or at least that's the theory.
May. 28th, 2021 12:43 am (UTC)
Awesome! You can do it!!
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