Long hair

When the pandemic hit, I stopped getting haircuts. That was fun. So now I have longer hair than I’ve had in FOREVER.

Bad things about long hair:

  • Constantly looking for a way to tie it back out of my face. Good thing hair ties come in 100 packs. 1000 packs would be great too.
  • Sometimes I wake up at night sweaty with hair around my neck and I am FULL OF RAGE.
  • Cannot wash/dry it in five minutes like short hair, that is for sure.

Good things about long hair:

  • I wake up and brush it. It's heavy enough it all goes down. It doesn't go weird directions based on how I slept. I don't have to get it wet and re-dry it hoping for the best. There aren't good/bad hair days... just days.
  • Is it pretty? I can't decide!
  • Wash it 1-2 times a week, maybe

I think I might grow it out for a while. I've had hair so long before that when I finally cut it all off I donated it to hairless children, or something. I could do that again.

I see gray hairs sometimes, especially in the front. This isn't concerning to me because I am in a career where I want to be smart and wise. When I am gray, I am an elder. I will have all the answers and respect of my fellow engineers. Right? 

I don't have very many gray hairs at all but there are more this year than last year, which tells me that this would be my last donation. I don't think the hairless children want to be gray before their years.

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