Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the friday 5: joy


What have you done lately for improving or maintaining your mental health? What more would you like to do?
Hey that's two questions.

The best thing I can do for my mental health is a walk or run outside on a nice day. I also like planting things. There is a lot of research to support this. Sunshine, dirt, activity. It can't cure everything, but it's a small kick upwards. And for people like me whose brain chemistry is basically in good working order, a small kick is all we need.

When did you last eat something specifically because it was good for you?
I STARTED to read "The Brain Fog Fix" by Mike Dow. I stopped reading it because it was getting into weird sketchy science and just being too damn picky about foods we eat. The author started talking about how we should reduce carbs, sugar, and processed foods... great! Eat blueberries, strawberries, carrots, fish. Great! But then it went off the deep end. You can't just eat salmon it has to be WILD ALASKAN SALMON and you can't have "organic certified" it MUST say "100% organic certified" and omg we do NOT know what GMOs are going to do long term... that was when I threw the book. Sorry, I'm an engineer. I like GMOs.

But in the little bit of the book I read, I was inspired to eat more blueberries. So that's been my work snack.

These days, what are you learning about, and what would you like to learn about next?

I learn about airplanes every day. I learned that it's hard to say "cowl bow". say it. say it three times in a meeting. say outboard cowl bow.

What’s positive about your physical appearance lately?

Wearing running shoes today so I'm about an inch taller. even as a really tall person, it's sometimes fun to be taller.

What will you do this weekend to bring joy into your life and a smile to someone else?

Taking Josie to the cake store would bring her joy. I might help Marc move rocks in the yard. I might not do anything, that would bring me joy.

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