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workouts this week

Last Saturday I ran an actual 10 kilometers, which I haven't done since early January, and it was my fastest ever according to my run tracker! 1:10:48. Very far away from my 1 hour goal... but that might not be a real goal. After all I think my fastest 5K is like 32 minutes. I swear I remember being a hot young 20 something doing races all the time and finishing 5Ks in WELL under 30 minutes, like 27 or something, but my goal is Overall Fitness and I don't need time goals for that.

It was an excessively beautiful spring day. No clouds, no wind, 60-some degrees. I did something I almost never do... ran the first 3K with no music in my headphones, just listened to birds.

Then Sunday I felt like I'd been run over I was so sore, so I went out for a 90 minutes but it was almost all walking and only a little running. I caught 200 pokemon. I am level 40 pokemon go, and have enough xp to level up but they make you do a few special things that I have been in NO hurry to do, one of them is catch 200 pokemon in one day.

seven days...

Last Wednesday 5K
Thursday probably took a day off because it was rainy and crappy and I worked late.
Friday gym, lifted weights
Saturday 10K
Sunday 8K walk/run
Monday 1 hr yoga at the gym
Tuesday morning 5K

while an occasional gym yoga class is great, I think strength training is more important and I don't want to distract from that so I probably won't do too much more in classes. maybe saturday, I can attend a long class and lift weights? but saturday is so nice for running.

morning runs certainly open up my after work schedule. Tuesday morning when I ran it was 66 degrees out. downright hot! no stars, it was too cloudy, and the full moon looked weird through it all, but it was nice to be out again.

my hamstrings have been a lot better since I started running MORE often. I was doing a strict every other day thing, or even every three days. I changed to try and do something almost every day. on gym days I still do 10-15 minutes on the stair climber thing. even if I run 3-4k, I'm out, and it makes a big difference. maybe that's what I learned... I can't run 8-10K if I'm running 3 times a week. It's a roller coaster, it'll kill me. I need small things throughout the week to keep the blood flowing, then I'm better. And I still stretch a lot.
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