Happy birthday Judy!

My dog is 10
My dog is 10

According to Humane Society paperwork my dog Judy is 10 years old today.

Is her birthday truly April 28th, 2011? I will never know, I wasn't there. All I know is she's been part of our family for all the other birthdays, and that's good enough.

We were told that somebody found a skinny puppy missing spots of fur somewhere on a country road and brought her to the shelter. She was placed with a foster family who got her back up and healthy again. Then one day we walked in — I had never had a dog in my life but always wanted one. I finally had a house with a yard because we had a baby. Everybody told me NOT to get a dog when we had a newborn. Fine then. We waited until the baby was a year old, and went to the humane society. I wanted a dog that would not eat babies or guinea pigs, preferred 2-4 years old, a nice calm age. I saw a basset hound on their website that I wanted to see, but it wasn't in the showroom that day for whatever reason. They said well here, this puppy has cute ears, and a very waggy tail.

She was so darn cute we couldn't resist. She was the same size as Josie, about 20 pounds. Her name was Judy which is a really strange name for a dog so we figured we'd rename her. But we didn't ever think of anything else that stuck.

Baby Judy
Baby Judy

Over the next year, the dog quickly doubled in size and the toddler didn't, it was an all out war between them trying to catch the other one off gaurd for knock-downs. But we all survived. Josie got a little more stable, Judy got a little more calm, and a decade later here we all are.

Here's to many more years, Judy! You are a good girl. 


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