Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

the friday 5: drive

1) Do you like to drive?
not particularly no. wichita requires use of a car, but I love walking/biking and when I'm a tourist in a city with public transit I make it a point to learn to use those systems, I adore them. All my coworkers talked about how gutsy I was for using the trains in barcelona... why not take a taxi and expense it? but I saw SO much more of the city than they did and loved the train!

2) Do you own (or have regular use of) a car? What kind is it?
I like hatchbacks. A few years ago I changed from a two-door to a four-door, that's been my only life change since I was 23 and bought my first ford focus.

3) What is your favorite optional feature on a car?
power windows. I had a probe in college with windows you cranked up yourself like an amish person and it was SO GOOD to upgrade!

4) How much does gasoline currently cost where you live?
I think $2? I don't pay much attention, every car I've owned only has a 10 gallon tank so they're never really breaking the bank.

5) What is the longest car trip you have taken?
By myself - eight hours. With a friend or group - 22 hours from Wichita to Vegas, or I forget how long Wichita to Atlanta was. In 2019 my sister and I drove 8 hours to Denver and it was great! Podcasts might actually be the greatest driving upgrade in recent years, and they're not even really part of the car.

For a long road trip I need:
- Early morning start time
- Podcast or audiobook
- A copilot who's a chatty, but also likes my same podcasts
- Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee
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