Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

springtime running

I haven't run before work in a couple weeks, only after work. It's springtime! When I look at the day's weather, I'll see that it's going to be in the freaking 30s in the morning, but then sunshine and 60s in the afternoon. And with daylight savings, sunshine in the forecast means sunshine I can run in after work. So why run in the morning?

I'm sure i'll get back to it in the summer when it gets hot out. I like morning runs - getting up early is something that just happens to me a lot and I don't have much else going on at that time. I like seeing the stars. I REALLY like the lack of traffic, I can run across the big mile roads without delays.

Now that the sun is out I can cross the roads when traffic clears. But in the winter, I felt really limited. I didn't want to run across the road in rush hour in the dark, so I just stuck to my 1 square mile of neighborhood.

I had some slacker weeks in february, but I'm trying to get my endurance back up. ran 8k last sunday, 6k on thursday. running at least a tiny bit every day is actually feeling better on my hamstrings. I should look for races and get a 10K time after I get all vaccinated next week. so many possibilities!
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