Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

network topology

I hate statics class, that's where I always end up writing because I'm bored. Sitting here trying not to pick the peeling skin off my back (sunburn happened while working the SWE booth last week). My other classes are going quite well, in Network Systems we toured the craw-kan offices, they're a phone/ISP/cable company in Girard. It was cool, lots of big routers and cables and computers, basically, behind a really confident firewall. I wonder about those sometimes. anyway, the guy who gave us the tour really likes his job, it's very technical and diverse. He's CISCO certified which I think would be awesome, so many companies want you when you've got stuff like that. I don't think I'd mind being a network technician type. Hell, I just want to be something important, feel like if I died I'd actually be missed. Opposite of my summer job.
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