Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday 5: obstacles


What did you most recently leap over (or past)?
car insurance, apparently. I called travelers to ask why my car and homeowners plans weren't bundled together, am I saving enough money? and they said there was some "new pricing" thing in my state so not only do I need to merge policies but my car insurance is dropping a TON. Random money. the world always amazes me. I was so supercharged by it I called my cell phone provider and got $40 off our monthly bills there too.

When were you most recently forced to crawl?
I have been crawling around in the dirt moving rocks. I had river rock merging with dirt that used to be under a deck. now I have, on one side, river rock, then a nice brick border, then dirt. I am still sorting out small rocks here and there. it's been satisfying work. This is my spring break vacation.

What are you sprinting from?
nothing but according to my running group I do need to do hill work/speed work occasionally, it's always on our monthly challenge bingo cards.

What has recently required you to step carefully?
right hamstring tightness, as always.

Where is your next finish line?
the back yard finish line is a long ways off. we are doing this very slowly, and very DIY, to save money. honestly it's so nice to have a casual project, who really needs a finish line? same with my front yard landscaping... my hosta from last year is growing back! no finish line, just growth. same with my investments, and my children, and the airplanes at work... why finish anything?

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