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I few weeks ago I went back into physical therapy for back pain, and this time hamstring tightness. I changed to a location closer to my house, so I changed therapists, and all my advice changed.

last year's issue: upper back pain when I sit, I told them I'm an office worker. I was told it was related to core strength issues and given a ton of exercises for abs, and some arms. planks, bird dogs, Pilates marching, glute bridges, thread the needle/extension, etc I won't go into it.

this year's issue: tight hamstrings when I run six miles, and a little back pain. I was assigned to a physical therapist who travels across the country finding 30 mile adventure races for funzies and says things like "if people have limits, we should definitely find them". he said he's got patients who can hold a plank for 8 minutes. for the back pain, he focused more on stretching while I sit and gave me some good shoulder/posture ideas to work on. I was actually surprised that my first PT didn't say anything about my posture, it was okay with me because I see myself as someone with good posture, but by putting extra focus on pushing my shoulders back I've been able to relieve some of the upper spine issues I've felt.

one nice thing about a PT is they can confirm or deny any other advice that's come my way through the air. I am so afraid now of doing things wrong and making something worse, so I went in with a lot. I heard that I shouldn't stand and touch my toes, I should only stretch my hamstrings laying on my back with a strap for exactly 30 seconds... he's like that's way to picky. my first km or so of running SUCKS because my hamstrings feel so tight it's like I'm hobbling, he says as long as it's only for the first km and it runs out when you warm up, you're fine.

my endurance is down a little but I'm fine with that. I can still run 5k (3mi) but when I do my hour long weekend runs, it's a relaxed run/walk/allow distractions. lots of breaks. that's okay, I'm not training to be competitive, I'm just trying to stay in shape and be outside.

I am weeks away from covid shot #2 which means I will be able to go back to a gym soon for yoga classes and weigh training! and I can schedule gym workouts if the weather is crappy. that's a whole new world that can open up!

yesterday's workout: moved 3000 lbs of landscaping rocks! with some help from the family. well... marc helped, the kids "helped" by finding cool rocks, and occasionally moving one bucket with one shovelful. we only had to move the rocks about 2-10 feet and spread them out but my shoulders feel like hell today, it'll be an interesting run.

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