Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

strange days

Yesterday the TV was on all day showing footage of New York crumbling--an airplane crashing into the side of building 1 of the WTC, milliseconds later an explosion of fire shooting out the opposite side, minutes later the top of the building collapses and crashed down through the center, the entire structure tumbles to the ground and dust clouds spread and cover the city. Apparently many of the people were able to escape in those minutes, so it's doubtful that the whole 50,000 who work there are casualties. They won't put any estimates though, and there are still no leads as to who did this. Everyone blames the afghanistans but I hate to be so hasty in blaming people. I'm a pacifist.

In other news, life here is basically normal, except for the TVs. We go to class, hang out, debate the issues. Maybe the world will turn inside out and we're all in denial, I don't know.

The weather is beautiful.
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