Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

spacefem gets a covid 19 shot

it happened, marc and I each got a vaccine dose this week!

first, marc saw on facebook that native americans and their adult immediate family members could get COVID vaccines at the indian center on saturday the 13th, they'd have 1000 vaccines no signup in advance. that made me nervous for two reasons... no guarantee, and did I really want to take advantage of marrying a native american, shouldn't those vaccines be FOR the native americans? as a white person haven't I take enough? I told marc I'd go with him, but probably wouldn't get a vaccine unless they really had extras.

It ended up not mattering though, because on Tuesday March 9 I got an email that the county had opened up COVID vaccines for aircraft workers. we are an essential industry. The email had a link and it said the website would be updated shortly. The website had buttons to click: one for 65 and older, one for healthcare workers, one for teachers. None for aviation workers. So I checked obsessively all afternoon, reloading and refreshing. at 4:45 sure enough... there was my button!

So I clicked it and was surprised to see appointments open for the following evening. Really? 24 hours? I signed up for Wednesday March 10.

The appointments were at a big building that was our former library downtown. Droves of people! I had to fill out a form, show my work badge, I was there 15 minutes early but it didn't matter because it was such a huge operation everybody just shuffled in. There must have been 30 tables. I was told to see Melissa at Table 8. I answered all my questions correctly... I'm not sick, no other recent vaccines, no allergy history, not pregnant or breastfeeding... and she jabbed me in the arm. I was sent to the other half of the building to sit in the chairs of people waiting out their 15 minutes, they want to make sure we don't have allergic reactions or adverse effects.

The only effect I felt was my mind going every place recalling the last year, the virus, the lockdowns, the fears, the walks by myself, the masks... and then trying to remember what it was like before. house parties, restaurants, festivals, conferences.

I had a book checked out to read on my phone but all I could do was play Pokémon and when my 15 minute timer went off, I left. Took a selfie in the parking lot to send my family, and I was free.

saturday I went with marc to the indian center. we arrived nearly 45 minutes early, and there were already people lined up at the door. by the time they opened at 10 there were over 100 people in line, I was running up a hill to warm up/kill time/workout and counted. But he got in, showed his seneca nation ID and got his vaccine. They later posted that they gave out 900 vaccines, had 100 leftover for anybody who wanted them, so I guess it would have worked out either way.

through sheer luck and no choices of our own, I got the Pfizer vaccine and he got Moderna. hedging our bets!

I am glad production accelerated, and I didn't have to wait YEARS. My dad has had both shots now, mom will get her 2nd soon. my sister got one for being in an education-related field, my brother in law is the only one patiently waiting to find a category. and then of course there's the kids, who are tough and unlikely to get very sick but there's no vaccine approved for kids yet. someday.

driving home from the library after getting my vaccine, I played the world turned upside down from Hamilton. I wanted to hear an anthem... we won we won we won we won

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