Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday 5: post snow

Just feels like a good week to make up my own questions. Things are going well.

How do you get yourself out after a long period of staying in?
I made myself do it. I looked at the temperature last night, and it was almost 30 degrees, and sunny! So I geared up and went for a run even though the streets are snow-packed and slushy. I had to walk a few times, and one knee felt weird, but it felt SO GOOD to be out in the fresh air! Like, I'm back.

What is your outdoor activity temperature limit?
Apparently 20 degrees. Or maybe 10? The only run I hated because of the cold, it was that 7-9 degree one. But the 20s are fine.

How long can you be alone before you start to feel lonely?
Apparently three years. That was why I joked that I started going out in 2005... I moved to Wichita in 2002, enjoyed my own apartment, and didn't need friends for a very very long time. I have descended back into that now. Someone from the makerspace emailed me and said they couldn't wait until I got a vaccine so I could come back and be a part of everything going on. I just raised my eyebrows and closed the email. I can't go back out and be part of the world you guys. I have forgotten how. I am too good at this.

What will you do in the spring?
Buy landscaping covering for the front yard space I cleared last year, order rocks delivered in. Lay stone in the backyard where we tore up the deck. Build a fire pit. Invite friends over. Look at the stars. Roast marshmallows. Drink whiskey.

What is the March weather like where you live?
Oh crap... I just remembered March is a roulette. March is still winter. March is when we jokingly write "FIRST DAY OF SPRING" in the snow on our cars. Or worse... surprise snowstorms dump on us in huge wet piles that turn into slush/mud everywhere. March is brutal. It taunts you with 1-2 nice days, enough for a few really stupid "must be new here" daffodils to spring up. And then BAM. NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION.

But I'll take it over February, especially this one.

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