Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

happy valentine's day!

I used to hate valentine's day and say it was totally stupid, but as I've gotten older I've realized that holidays can all be precious if we reclaim them the right way. we can, and should, make every holiday our own.

Why I hated it: Too many women around me dated men who treated them like shit, but valentine's day would come around and they'd lay out specifications for their men, who complied with the ultimatum. Once the official flowers, card and restaurant had been arranged they could go back to their shitty relationships, feeling sorry for the single people. They'd have similar requirements for other holidays and anniversaries. It was weird.

Nothing says "fun holiday" like obligatory litmus tests right? Nothing says love like setting up checkpoints along the way like fenceposts, to spice up the misery?

So as a couple, Marc and I were always very anti-valentine's day.

I would say motherhood officially changed me though because holidays with kids are so interesting! They need something after Christmas to distract them from the fact that Christmas only happens every 12 months, so I'm glad there are other things thrown in. Valentine's day has become about celebrating two VERY worthy things:

1) Puns! Star wars valentines that say "yoda best!", pickle valentines that say "you're a big dill". I made one for my moms group that says "hey moms you're doing a grape job!"

2) Crafts. Rock painting, mantle garland making, hearts, paper things, we deserve craft holidays and this one can just about be taken over.

3) Chocolate. The Dove messages may get worse, but the candy is everywhere. DARK CHOCOLATE WINS. As I've said before, why pick any other flavor of anything when there's chocolate?

So that is why I enjoy valentines day now, and I'd like to wish all of you on lj a great one!

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