Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday 5

no questions on thefridayfive yet so I'll answer anais_pf's from last week...

1) How is your year going so far?
Day 36: Still don't have coronavirus! Every day I can say that is still a win!

2) Have you gotten vaccinated yet? If not, when do you think it's likely to happen?
No, and at this rate never. It sucks, I knew a bunch of healthcare workers who got vaccinated in December, but nobody new for like a month after that. Rumor has it you can get an appointment through the country if you are age 80 or up.

3) Are you bored or are you busy these days?
I've made myself busy. Lots of books I'm reading, lots of exercise. No big projects.

I'm bored.

4) Is this pandemic good or bad for your finances?
It's been very good but I feel like an asshole saying that. No vacations, no eating out, no events to buy dresses for. I am gainfully employed and have received several stimulus checks. I even looked at how to use the stimulus for good, and tried to make some extra donations and treat ourselves to carryout that we wouldn't have otherwise.

5) What are you missing most these days?
It's almost president's day weekend so we'd totally be at great wolf with the kids if it wasn't for the covid crap. I guess my main worry is that NONE of that is coming back, EVER. It's starting to feel like that.

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