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the friday 5: crafts

I have become a moderator at thefridayfive this year! It's great, and the new mod team should help with the question posting regularity. That said, I STILL don't like answering my own questions, so I'm going to answer spikesgirl58's from last week :)

1. Are you crafty?
Heck yes. This month's kick: perler beads with the kids, embroidery on felt with the kids, rock painting. Here are my terrible Kansas day rocks! The point of rock painting is to hide art that makes somebody smile, and I think you can accomplish that without any notable artistic skills.

2. Do you own a sewing machine and what brand is it? If you don’t sew, do you own a glue gun?
Yes, I have an 80s-era singer. And I own a glue gun!

3. What is the bane of your sewing/crafting existence? I mean, is it button holes, zippers, or something else?
I'm cool with zippers, but I refuse to do anything with sleeves. I don't know what I do wrong but they always fit totally wonky.

4. When and how did you learn to sew or craft?
Probably as a teenager. I'd make my own dresses, costumes, and my favorite project has always been pajama pants. I'm very tall so making pants is a cheap way for me to get pants that are long enough without having to spend a fortune on special ordered stuff. And the selection of flannel in our world is just amazing.

5. What do you consider your sewing/crafting opus or is it still a work in progress?
Still working on fireplace mantel garland for the various holidays throughout the year. Stay tuned!
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