Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

2021 New Years Resolutions

I like new years resolutions, but unlike most folks I like to be well into the new year before making them. I take time to reflect, and make them from a place of being IN the new year.

Here is how I did last year:

* get a backup key made for my car
didn't happen

* teach olive to read music
we attempted. then she got sick of it and refused to use her left hand. kid is stubborn as hell. if we weren't in pandemic times I might get her real piano lessons. but until then... God Bless her school teachers. And she knows middle C now.

* cook my family healthier food when marc is out of town
I didn't learn a whole cookbook of meals, but I did make them sweet potato tacos when Marc traveled! Then he stopped traveling, but at least I learned to cube and roast a sweet potato!

* keep the dining room table clear
We have been better at this, and eat at the table 4-6 nights a week.

* teach smarter, more technical makerspace classes
Makerspace shut down, moved buildings, then COVID. Not the year for this resolution.

* get my overdue doctor checkups done
I NAILED this, early in the year before COVID! Go me!

I would also like to give myself a pat on the back for setting up 529s for the kids college funds. that was a resolution from a lot of years back that I slacked on. I have a "no repeats" rule... if something didn't work as a resolution for a year, I need another way to do it. But this year it magically happened.

Resolutions for this year:

* Reduce & read up on ableist language. Especially when I read old LJ entries I am hit with how often I call things "crazy" or call somebody a "nut case" and now I am woke enough to know I shouldn't do that, but can't explain the reasons and probably use the language all the time at work where nobody's watching me. Hell, I might be still using it on lj and you friends are too nice to call me out on it. But you can help. Internet callout culture is much better than my workplace. But I'm not good enough yet. I even started to do a whole entry on it, but couldn't figure out how to write the entry in a non-offensive way. That's a sign.

* Get my COVID vaccine, obviously. Bonus points if I DON'T GET COVID.

* Core fitness. I wonder if I could get to hold an elbow plank for five minutes?

* Run a 10K in under 1 hour

* Maintain front yard landscaping
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