Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

need a place to vent online?

Trump got banned from facebook and twitter.

Of course the right is all up and arms about freedom... weird they bring that up now. I thought they wanted companies to do what they wanted? they sure fought for bakeries to refuse to make gay wedding cakes. and for craft stores to opt out of covering birth control in employee health plans. what's freedom, again?

But that gave me an idea.

Trump can join livejournal! Right?

This is a great place to work out your feelings. People point out good things. I was a conservative, or at least a libertarian, when I joined here. But I got to process my stories and the things happening around me. I got called out on some privilege-speak. I survived and learned. I found out that I could respond with, "I hear you and I will do better" instead of defensive posturing or "well I can't do anything right!" conversation-stopping. It has served me well.

People post comforting photos, talk about what's for dinner, report on what their pets are doing. We ask and answer each other's questions. We don't need to be on the app store or google play. I mean, we are, but the apps are so bad we work around them. There's nobody here to rally. He's even friends with Russians already!

He'd have to learn to write in paragraphs. Thoughts here work better in full, cohesive sentences that work together and don't contradict each other. Maybe to start out, he could just talk about his childhood and what lead up to being what he is today: ousted from every place, refusing to admit reality, possibly facing criminal charges, etc etc. I'd help him with some comments for sure.

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