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From thefridayfive, sort of... I'm writing this Thursday night thanks to anais_pf's timezone-inclusion dedication in that comm. So it's thursday night and I'm drunk off by bee-hind but scheduling this for Friday morning because that's what I do.

1) What act of kindness have you witnessed (or done yourself) recently?
Mike Pence, of all people, posting that he was going to do his job by NOT letting himself or a small group of angry assholes determine the future of democracy in the United States. I am shocked and surprised and somewhat hopeful. If a right wing nutcase like Pence can speak rationally for one fucking second, maybe we'll be okay?

2) What is your favorite memory?
This week all I remembered this protest song that went around four years ago. It feels like ages ago. It only has 250k views or so. It didn't go far enough. So I brought it up, and marc and I watched it and ugly cried. I'm still crying. It's been a hard four years. We knew people would die. We didn't know how, or why. We were right. We didn't predict police violence* or a global pandemic or immigrants in cages. we thought it'd be health care. But we were still right about people's lives. That's what hurts.

* well, I didn't. I hoped it would get better. that is my privilege. denial. let me not forget.

did I do enough?

I didn't do enough.

can I ever?

3) What activity always seems to energize you?
I ran three miles listening to H.E.R. after work then drank a ton of red wine. so much for our dry January. Can it start in like two weeks?

4) Did you do something recently that made you laugh at yourself? What was it?
Friends get this... I FINALLY got blocked on facebook by my favorite(?) MAGA friend! The one who I met playing pokemon go yet said the government was tracking us! The one who I always went to so I'd know what the other side thinks! The one who said masks were oppression and vaccines were for "population control"! The one who said the election was stolen from Trump and we couldn't trust the liberal media!

Facebook makes you these slideshows for friend anniversaries, why don't they make a fun ending one, set to madonna's "cherish the love", of your gentle comments on the posts of a friend who finally blocks you?

ALL I DID WAS ASK A SIMPLE QUESTION, she posted that the white house terrorists weren't really trump supporters it was ANTIFA bused in DRESSED as trump supports to make them look bad. so I asked "If it was antifa then why did Trump say he loved them and delay calling out the national guard? they had his support the whole time."

And that was the end! TBH my heart was touched that she was blaming the riots on antifa instead of saying "hell yeah that's my proud boys go them". but now I can never tell her that. I am the internet winner though. she blocked me. fuck yeah.

5) What is your favorite inspirational quote?

"Individually you have purpose. Together we have power."
-- Stacey Abrams

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