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myself and my websites

Everyone, you're officially invited to the forums! I opened the forums a week ago or so, and promised myself I wouldn't announce them here unless I was sure they'd be okay on their own. I use livejournal to announce a lot of site updates, and I sort of had to prove to myself that I could make something work without the livejournal community. It's turned out well, we've got over thirty members (after just seven days, mind you) and lots of crazy random posting.

It's a unique board, and the members have turned out being just like I thought they'd be. Young. Random. Lighthearted. We're not having intellectual political discussions here, you know? It's like... the forum version of #offourmeds, if anyone from #beos remembers that one. I always loved that channel.

And we have the best smilies.

So it's not for everyone, but if you're in the mood to think about nothing, jump right in.

That was that thought. Now on to another pressing issue...

I've really given up on and might just kill it off.

I mean, I quit writing articles and stuff like that. It gets about 13 hits a day, but that's just because it's so featured on, the banner is on the bottom of my main page and all that.

It's on a server that only allows ASP, and I tried putting an ASP message board on it but didn't get anywhere. I just don't know anything about ASP and don't feel like dicking with it. So we're on ezboards, which is insulting and banner-laden because I won't pay for a gold account, I don't want to support ezboards.

And I've got this whole, "the internet needs one less site" feeling every time I go to it now. I mean really, what is it doing? Empowering women? Yeah, like eight of them. Fighting for technology? That's not really a unique goal, there are plenty of places for that.

There's only one thing keeping me from killing it off, and that's the fact that in maintaining it I feel like it offsets the vanity involved in I mean really, is getting so big now, and it's me, it's because of me, it's focused on me. It's vanity, I feel happy when I visit it because my personality has attracted so many people, my ideas. wasn't for the good of the world, it was for the good of my ego. And the part of me that feels guilty about this is soothed by pretending to run a flailing women in technology website. sells t-shirts now! I mean really, everyone has a cafepress store, but who actually sells stuff? I do! The attack banana wall clock is huge in connecticut...

I don't even like the name,, anymore. Hell, I got it out of a book. A good book, but a book all the same.

so, only a few people will notice when there's no chyx. and I won't feel guilty about ignoring it so often.

but I'm worried about what will happen inside of me, no matter what I do. I need to decide to run it or kill it, I'm sick of leaving it halfway in between, I hate when other people do that with websites and I'm not going to be another bad example.
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