Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

we have reached the surface

I'm here! Apartment is... interesting. There are things I like, things I really don't like, all interesting to live with.

I figured the really fantastic view of the tree outside all my windows would give me nice privacy. This is true, but it also gives me darkness, which is depressing. Uhg. I really can't stand how dark it is in here most of the time.

Also, the windows face west. The hot afternoon sun is blocked by said tree, but it also means I don't see any part of it until like 3:00. damn. I miss happy morning sun.

Finally, there are not enough overhead lights. None in my room, for instance. I've got switch controlled outlets, but since I own no lamps I basically run around in the dark a lot. Today I bought one of those little press'n'light thingies at wal-mart for my bedroom, I would have bought a real lamp but I have no table yet and didn't see one I liked.

I know what you're wondering, "didn't you see all these things when you picked out the apartment?" yes and no. I was in such a blurry foggy haze I just wanted to get the damn thing over with... towards the end I was like, "I seem to remember liking this place. Does it have a garbage disposal? Good then, sign me up."

Really, I rush decisions too often.

Speaking of decisions, my new mattress is firm in an almost bad way. Like a freaking rock. What was I thinking? I'll sleep on it and see how I feel, I'm a bit mad at myself for this one.

A few good things have come up though. There's a gigantic storage closet, for one thing, I'd forgotten about that. It's carpeted and lighted and big enough to be... guess what? my office! I'm serious! So I'm gonna buy a desk to put in the closet, it'll totally rule!

My cell phone gets great reception here.

I'm within biking distance to a fazoli's. And guess what? I'm right across the damn street from Gordman's! I totally didn't even know about this store when I picked out this place, it's pure luck that I ended up here.

My bathroom accessories look positively exquisite. The shower is nice, basically high enough and I like the controls.

Yesterday after moving all my stuff in I was exhausted. I'd loaded the probe, driven three hours, signed a six month lease, got keys, unloaded the probe, waited for the cable guy for like 5 minutes (wow there!), and walked through every aisle of wal-mart just grabbing stuff off the shelves left and right. I came home and put the bags on the floor and took out my microwave dinner and only then remembered that I had no microwave. crap.

So I took a shower, that made me feel a little better. Put on some old crummy shorts and a soft tank top and went out driving, figured maybe along the way something would hit me, if not I'd just end up back at wal-mart where I'd have to go later anyway because I had no toilet paper. I found fazoli's. It looked fantastic. I ordered spaghetti with red sauce and a ceaser side salad, when the girl served it up I almost started crying, it looked so good. I didn't feel that hungry, I had that hot tired don't feel like eating feeling, but when I started in I finished my dinner in like thirty seconds. I leaned back and smiled. I felt good.

Now I feel good because I just beat my cable modem into submission, cox doesn't seem to want linux users very badly. I find this sad because hey, would you have a party and not invite the linux users? perish the thought! guess cox doesn't see the internet as a party. guess they've never been to :) Anyway, I'm all set and going, just had to change some little network parameters with the help of kplug and yast2.

I went back to the furniture place today to look at the couch I was thinking about. I think I'm gonna order it in eggplant. I think it'll be exciting. The lady helping me there is really nice, I like having a salesperson. About half the furniture stores I've been to were like that, in the other half the people just roam around and ask you if they can help you find anything, they seem like they don't really want to talk to you until you've made a decision. Sometimes, a real salesperson just makes life easier, when they're good, when they try to know you, when they're not too pushy.

Saturday my parents will be down with some stuff, that should be nice. The webcam is in one of those boxes, so I'll be able to broadcast live from the storage closet. yay! I got some rice to make for dinner tonight, I'm gonna go do that now.
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